Privacy Policy

"What is the Time" app and "Thousand Thoughts" are two apps which I wrote. 

These two apps has no ads. It is not a subscription. 

More importantly, you don't need to create a userid/password to use it. It runs on-device. It does not connect to the internet. I don't collect any personal nor usage data. 

Thousand Thoughts do ask for your location. The purpose of the location is to get the weather information. I feel that weather do affect our mood and our thoughts and I think you will find it useful as you review your thoughts and correlate it to the weather. You can choose not to let the app record your location if you don't want the weather information. Your privacy is assured.

How do I make money? It is through a one time in-app purchase to remove the limit and if you are willing, there's a tip jar. Otherwise, it is really free to use. 

Thank you for reading this privacy policy.

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