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That's the word in the mouth of everyone in regards to Malaysia and how we handled the MH370 disappearance. The authorities are incompetence to lead such an important search. They have been led through wild goose chase - forged passports, searching in South China Seas, searching in Straits of Melaka, transponder being switched off one by one. What is going on? And then there's the haze issue. We are so badly shrouded by this poisonous smoke that it's a wonder people don't drop dead. And water rationing. What the hell is going on? It's like the worst ever to be a Malaysians, to live in Malaysia. And it is so embarrassing when we are under the scrutiny of the world.

Flight MH370 Disappearance

I really cannot wrap my mind around how a plane could disappeared. If my crappy iPhone could pin point my location with such accuracy, how can we lose a plane in this modern interconnected technological world? What about the famous aircraft black box? And aren't all plane designed to float in water, that's why the passengers are trained to wear the lifejacket and to show you the exit so you could slide your way down to safety. This would gives you the impression that if something happened to a plane, the sea is the preferred way to land vs a jungle. Many said that the pilot have enough time to broadcast an emergency message but none came. So it suggest a sudden incident - an explosion perhaps? Or someone murdered the pilots and crash the plane.. if it is the former, is it because of our Malaysian substandard again? From CNBC: Arnold Barnett, a longtime Massachusetts Institute of Technology specialist in aviation safety statistics, said that prior to the disappearance of Sa

Haze, Hazy, Volcano Ash, Whatever...

I bitched about Haze back in 2005. This is the post . Since then, we have been getting haze every year. Today is no different. WHAT EVER!