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I'm a Waze Knight!

Top 4% user around the state! Interesting!

Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert

Where was I? Was I hiding under a coconut shell? I didn't know that in 2010, there was a 25th Anniversary Les Mis concert in The O2 Stadium, London. And what's more, they worked together with Universal Pictures to broadcast it Live in Cinemas in 42 countries! W.T.F! I looked at the videos in YouTube and want to kick myself. How could I miss this historic event of one of my favourites MUSICAL of all TIME!!! KIASU-CHING, my friend, you failed me!!! The trailer The Prologue On My Own Lea Salonga performing "I Dreamed A Dream" One Day More! More in YouTube!!


Wife bathing the kid using shower. She asked maid to see if the switch to the heater was on. Maid went and see, came back out of the room and declared 'no'. My previous maid would have switched it on there and then. This one only do as asked. Word by word! Arrgghhhhhhhhhhh!!