To my delight, the books that I ordered online from Kinokuniya arrived today. Yay! More books to read before bed. Online shopping is not very popular here in Malaysia but kudos for Kinokuniya for offering this service. The delivery fee is not expensive - RM6 per parcel. Mind you, this is for courier service (by this company called GDExpress). I thought it was reasonable - for me to go into KLCC - the parking itself cost me RM5! Now I can buy books in the comfort of the office/house and get it couriered the next day! The packaging was excellent too. My books were shrinkwrapped, then wrapped with those "bubbly" thingy and rewrapped again on the "bubbly" thingy one more time before putting into GDExpress envelope. No fear of dog ears or scratches.

As I was opening my package, my father said that all of a sudden, the cramp on his hands were gone. I said of course la, God's blessing mah. He's like, real or not? Mom laughed and said to me "you believed also meh?" and sister was telling dad that she prayed for him too so it's true. Well, I wonder if this miracle will strengten his faith or not. We'll see.


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