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Windows vs Mac Mini

Spending Saturday morning alone in the house, listening to Immaculate Collection and, just finished a quick session of Shadow Tactics. It's relaxing. And the mind is telling me that I don't really need a Mac Mini M2 Pro. The intel PC is serving my needs - WhatsApp, Spotify, DOPUS, Firefox web surfing. What else do I need? Sure, I can't do Xcode and that is needed for my sanity and learning but I can do that at half the price by buying a Mac Mini M2, right? A $4K machine vs a maxed out $8K machine.  But, the difference between Windows and Mac is that Windows is too industrialise; too serious. The desktop, the font choices, they are so business-like. The Mac is such a joy to use. AND that, is the $8K reason for buying a Mac.