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Genre Defining

There are games that changed how you play games. Ultima 4 changed the way role playing games are built and design. In Ultima 4, winning is not killing the big bad boss but winning is improving your own virtues of Honesty, Compassion, Spirituality, Valor, Honor, Sacrifice, Justice and Humility. Grand Theft Auto 3 changed the open world gaming concept. It created Liberty City as a world so alive and full with happenings that other gaming worlds looked mundane and boring and repetitive in comparison. The sheer amount of things to do, the faction wars among the gangs all contributed in a living and breathing world. Red Faction: Guerilla , the current game that I am hooked at, introduced destruction and mass explosion to the virtual world. In this game, you can destroy every building and man-made structure. You could chip the base away with your sledgehammer and the building would collapse on its own weight or you could plan denotation and blow the whole thing away. You could just drive a

Fish Ball Noodle Part 2

Didn't realize my fans are also fish ball noodle fans. wsl - you remember Lai Fong ah? We go there before Economics tuition. Here's the direction to Lai Fong in KL. It's very near Bangkok Bank, opposite Chinatown Entrance: View Larger Map As for the equivalent fish ball noodle soup, it's in Aman Suria, near my house. Follow the road to Tropicana and before the underground pass, turn left to go to Dataran Prima. The restaurant is before Dataran Prima, called Suncity and it faces NKVE. View Larger Map

Fruitful Raya Long Weekend

Not a bad Raya weekend for games :) Despite having a stomach and head ache and visitors, I manage to sneak in a few hours of games! Thanks to little sen for behaving, wifey for her understanding and parents in law for dropping by to help out!

Fish Ball Noodle

I love fish ball noodle. When we were younger, ZipD and I would take 2 buses from Kepong to DJ every week just to play a video game called Crackdown. We would stop in KL and frequent this restaurant called Lai Foong. It's beside Bangkok Bank. I always ordered to fish ball noodle there. Something about Lai Foong's fishball is really addictive. I specifically love the 'flying saucer'. These days you can't really find a good fishball stall. The Teo Chew fishball chain just didn't do it. Until one day I found a fishball stall in a restaurant near my house. It's exactly like the one they served in Lai Foong! Taste the same. I think I must have eat this almost twice a week. I just can't get bored of it. If you like fishball, let me know and I can show you the way...