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Like all things in life, we started out pure and then we include additions into our lives. Additions can be good or bad. I have put in Polls as an addition into my "still pure at the moment" blog. So, don't say my blog is boring k?

Current question is "Who is your favourite F.r.i.e.n.d.s?". Vote away. You can comment here why you chose the Friend.

I chose Ross. In my opinion, he's the funniest of all. Friends will not be as funny without him. All his antics are memorable - the time he discovered, from his apartment, Monica making out with Chandler; or he becoming the referee when Chandler/Joey challenged Monica/Rachel and won the girls apartment; or when he started wearing leather pants because it's New Year and he wanted to do one new thing a day; or when he laughed at Joey because he couldn't remember all the States of America and claimed that he's educated (unlike Joey) only to find out that he was not able to recall all the States too!

What about the time he bleeched his teeth white??? Or dated the girl who was so messy she breed rats in her house? And the time he and Monica participated in this dancing competition. Or the time he showed the friends his "music talents" (more like noises). And the time he had to read 96 pages of letter that Rachel wrote to him, "front and back".

HAHAHAHA.. just writing the above made my day!

So, vote and your comment please.


  1. I love them all, they cannot be separated but if you were to ask me to choose, I would agree with you, it is Ross. He made me laugh the most, he is intelligent yet silly sometimes, honest but cheated on Rachel, a good big brother but will never let the sister win.....


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