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It's not worth your time going to Cameron Highlands

I've heard about the massive jam during public holidays between Tanah Rata to Brinchang, two main towns in Cameron Highlands. This long holiday weekend, we experienced it ourselves. We can be stuck in a stand still jam for almost an hour just moving from one town to the other. At any hour. It's just not worth your time. I wouldn't want to come back on a public holidays.

Apple Music randomly says Music no longer available

What just happened? My tracks in Apple Music randomly is not available for play, as per screen shot above. I'm not sure if it was due to the transition to Malaysia Ringgit. But it seemed to happen to another friend as well. But not the same track though and so it seemed pretty random. I've tweeted to Apple Music as well. Hope it's a technical glitch that they can resolve asap.

AppStore in Ringgit Malaysia - LIVE now!

Wow, that was fast. Just a few days after informing us that iTunes Store, App Store will be transacted in Malaysian Ringgit, the change goes live now!! A n d it looks like they are using $1 USD to RM3.90! Apple Music is $14.90/month for individual and $22.90/month for family. Interesting times ahead!

Apparently Apple Watch is a hit

According to Tim Cook , that is, Apple Watch Series 2 is selling like hot cakes. He's trying to correct IDC who is saying that's Apple Watch sales is in declined! I believe Tim Cook simply because I just had lunch with a buddy, who bought a pair of Apple Watch, one for himself and another for his wife. He's pretty careful about his purchases and for him to buy two watches - that must mean something. I secretly wish for an Apple Watch myself and I realize there are so many different prices. Unlike iPhone which is just two models there is the Apple Watch Sport which has aluminum case and the Apple Watch Stainless Steel which has stainless steel case and sapphire crystal glass. The price is almost 3x more in the Stainless Steel. Most watch wearer know that stainless steel and sapphire crystal is the way to go. I wouldn't want a watch that gets dent easily, like an iPad, iPhone and Mac - that aluminum unibody is not able to withstand daily torture a watch goes

Apple AppStore in Malaysian Ringgit

In case you did not receive the memo from Apple, there is plan for all transactions of App Store, iTunes and Apple Music to be conducted in local currency. That's good news to me, depending how they priced it finally, as we are not in the mercy of USD fluctuations. No dates set yet though. Coming soon.

Matias Quiet Pro Review

TL;DR   Matias Quiet Pro is a mechanical keyboard for PC and Mac based on customised alps mechanical switch technology. It's more tactile than Cherry MX Blue but as quiet as the MX Black. Can order online and shipping cost to Malaysia is just US$15! We have many threads in on mechanical keyboard club. I think it is version 15 now. So, I think there is a vibrant community here who loves mechanical keyboard. I have also spoken to a few people here. Many have heard of Matias keyboard but there are not much discussion about the keyboard here. Most of the popular discussions centered around popular brands that are readily available here such as Razer, SteelSeries, Filco, Ducky, Rosewill. And most of these are Cherry MX switches. Matias has been around for years - I believe all the way back in 90s, so it is an established company. Yet it is still relatively unknown here maybe because their main target market, in the earlier years (and even now, I guess) are the App

Season Greetings

Received this nice Christmas package today. Wishing my readers a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Somehow the mood is not here yet. Perhaps after I opened a bottle or two. Cheers!

Welcome Wordpress!

Welcome to the all new, sexy Ringgit! Loving Wordpress very much. So much flexibility, the support from the engineers was excellent and the themes, omg! So many beautiful themes. Highly recommended blogger platform!

Moving Soon

After almost 13 years with Blogger, I decided that I would like to look for another sexy host. Wordpress come to mind and I have good experience with Wordpress. As such, Ringgit will be moving soon. I also have a sexy domain: Easy to remember. This move will happen in the next 24 hours or so.... See you in Wordpress!