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Weight Loss

Four person commented that I lost a lot of weight. While I can't really tell it myself, I recall the shock I had when I met an ex colleague whom I have not met for some time who had lost a lot of weight too. His image was burnt vividly into my mind. That sunken cheek, darker skin, loose clothes. For him, he said it he was on a diet regime. What about me? Stress? Baby sitting? Lack of sleep? Too much coffee? Too little plain water? How???

I simply remember my favorite apps

"When the dog bites When the bees sting When I'm feeling sad I simply turn on to my favorite apps And then I don't feel so bad!" Sing along to The Sound of Music...

Subang is the most dense suburb in Selangor

Do you know that Subang is the most highly dense suburb? It's true. That's why NKVE towards Subang is always jam, whether in the morning or evening. And Waze agrees: