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Miss Saigon

Kimmikanuyi, Monica and I went to GSC for Phantom of the Opera (again!) a few Tuesdays ago. Since the girls have not experienced the highly priced, high class, leather reclining seats, we decided to see it in the GSC Gold Class cinema. This is my 3rd time in a Gold Class (first time was a free ticket to a forgetable show courtesy of Limacs; second time was seeing LoTR: Return of the King).

The movie was so good Monica claimed that she was "cried a few times." LOL.

On the way back Monica and I talked about the first musical we went to see. That was back in October 2001 in Singapore. They were showing Miss Saigon at that time. Greedy was in Singapore and she invited us to spend the night at her brother's apartment.

So ringgit and 3 other beautiful girls (kimmikanuyi, Monica and Emily) took a Nice bus to SG. We were very impressed with Nice. Not only did they use the 2nd link to Singapore (which cut our travel time by a good 30 minutes), they served food and drinks in the bus! Talk about service! The bus was extremely comfortable and clean. It did not give me the jitters like some of the other buses in Pudu Raya.

Once we reached SG, we took a MRT and met Greedy in the city. It's kinda hazy here but I remember meeting her in her office and she took us to a nearby food court for beef balls noodle. Then we took the MRT to Tampines, the suburb which she stayed. Monica started complaining that it was a really long walk from where we alighted in Tampines MRT station to the bus station. Weakling! Heh heh... I think the only constant thing I remember from that trip was Monica's complaints. Ha ha..

Greedy's brother's apartment was very nice. We stayed there and took our afternoon naps. I think Greedy and Emily cooked noodles for dinner (was it Maggi Mee with luncheon meat?) while kimmikanuyi, Monica and I freshened ourselves up. Emily has seen it in Australia before so she wasn't that keen. She just wanted a break and to get out of town, which was why she followed us - though Monica thinks that there's udang di sebalik batu.

Not sure why Greedy didn't want to see. No interest maybe?

Miss Saigon was my very first musical. I was awe struck! Everything was live! Call me a kampung boy but I was extremely impressed! And since that day, I was hooked to musicals. People say your first musical will always be the best. I do agree with this but not totally as I have seen even better musicals. Yet, there's always good memory of one's very first musical and I'm glad it was Miss Saigon and not, for example, Fame.

The following day, we visited Monica's sister who has a house in Holland Village. We spent the night there too and it was a lot of fun. I bought some VCDs and while our intention was to see it together, I ended up watching it alone. The girls were upstairs talking about candles, I think. Not sure why they enjoy doing that.

All in all, it was a good and memorable outing to Singapore.


  1. Greedy watched Miss Saigon in Sydney few years back. That evening Greedy cooked instant noodles and added tuna into the soup, ringgit said he never had it that way. There was a little accident, not sure if ringgit remembers, ringgit used paper to absord the oil from the luncheon meat, then the paper caught fire.

    In the evening before dinner, Greedy helped the girls to do facial. At night after the musical, you all came back and we read old Cleo magazines for a while. When Greedy put Monica to bed, Monica was afraid that she would fall out of the bed because she never sleep in such a high bed (the matress was 8 inches high)

    It was very nice you guys visited Greedy. She had a good time too.

  2. Caught fire is in SG meh? I thought in your house in BL. Hmm.. you could be right! Tuna + Luncheon meat + Maggi! That's right! Wow.. you have very good memory, Greedy! I LOL when reading your comment.

  3. Kimmikanuyi was super tired, worked OT. Greedy gave me a super cool facial mask, AWESOME, it was so cooling, and I dozed off on her queen size bed. Then around 6 pm, Ringgit woke me up to get ready for the musical show. I was still mimpi, couldn't remembered I ate maggi mee with tuna. Later of the night, I got to spent a short quite moment with Greedy, and we both slept together sweet dreaming ...

    Hmm Hmm, remembered, we pretended we 'never stayed in the nice condo' - we cleaned everywhere, tried not to leave any marks that 'guests were here before' :P

    Though Nice bus is COOL, but the price we paid, we could have carpool....that's our key learning, i think...

    I totally agree with you that the first musical is the BEST. Wow, Kallang theatre created a lot of musical fans. My friend, secret agent also hooked with his first musical in Kallang theatre, it is now I came to know Ringgit also watched his first musical there....( the power of blogging and connecting people ..) It was indeed a memorable short trip, I MISS IT so much ....could we do this again ?

    Hey, where was Anti-Ringgit ? Didn't he go with us ?

  4. Anti Ringgit having his first affair with his Bonnie, kut... HAHAHA..

  5. Oh, another synchronicities - that night - ALL three of us ( Monica , you and me ) after that super duper expensive Gold Class, we were reflecting back to 'Miss Saigon' ... aiiii. 'Yesterday Once More' !


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