Thursday, December 27, 2012

Litter bug

Whenever I see this in the garage/parking lot of where I work, I get pissed off. The building I'm in are tenanted by two very large international corporations. The people who parked here are professionals, highly educated and executives level. And yet, they are people who litter by dropping their litter bags on the parking bay hoping someone will pick it up. Their car is clean but not the lot. What a bunch of morons.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Remote Control

I just bought a Sony DVD player. And I was actually stumped on how to use the remote control. It's just a DVD player. Why are the remote control so complicated?

Contrast to the Apple TV. This two-cigarette-box size wonder can play YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu Plus, iTunes Music, buy songs, movies, TV and subscribe to pod cast. It can even view all the photos in My Photo Stream (taken with the iPhone and sync in real time) and play Apple Trailers.

And the remote is 10 times thinner and with just a few buttons.

If Sony or other consumer electronics are still not learning, it's just a matter of time before the fade into nothingness.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Kau Ilhamku

I find it fascinating to watch the Top Songs in iTunes Malaysia Store and see the rise of Man Bai's Kau Ilhamku from nowhere to now Number 1 song in iTunes. That says a few things: it's a great favorites and second, people love $0.69 songs!

Also, the fact that the Top 10 changes every day shows a healthy legit customers in Malaysia. That is really good news for the local artist.

I would bet that Mr Man Bai would be surprised at the sudden pay check he's getting out of now where if it were not for iTunes.

On the other hand, poor brick and mortar CD shop!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Malaysia iTunes Store now sells music!!

I'm so excited!

We have out own iTunes Music Store!

And they have the Hong Kong catalogue including Sally Yeh, which I have been hunting high and low!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

No wonder Apple is the richest company in the world!

Look at all the Apple products I owned
And these are stuff I bought in the last two years:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Insulting! Re: Long Service Award

I admire my company for being creative. They listened to our complains in regards to the 'gift' for long service award, which sucked. I served the company for 15 years and all I get is a lousy pewter mug.

So, what did they come up with? Choices! Now we go to a website and choose what we wanted. I clicked with excitement, thinking of what I will get in the next 4 years when I served the company for 20 years.

This is what I see:

WTF is this? Am I looking at a credit card catalogue or am I looking at a 20 year long service award website of a major international company???!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Weight Loss

Four person commented that I lost a lot of weight. While I can't really tell it myself, I recall the shock I had when I met an ex colleague whom I have not met for some time who had lost a lot of weight too. His image was burnt vividly into my mind. That sunken cheek, darker skin, loose clothes. For him, he said it he was on a diet regime.

What about me?

Stress? Baby sitting? Lack of sleep? Too much coffee? Too little plain water?


Sunday, March 18, 2012

I simply remember my favorite apps

"When the dog bites

When the bees sting

When I'm feeling sad

I simply turn on to my favorite apps

And then I don't feel so bad!"

Sing along to The Sound of Music...

Subang is the most dense suburb in Selangor

Do you know that Subang is the most highly dense suburb?

It's true. That's why NKVE towards Subang is always jam, whether in the morning or evening.

And Waze agrees:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert

Where was I?

Was I hiding under a coconut shell?

I didn't know that in 2010, there was a 25th Anniversary Les Mis concert in The O2 Stadium, London. And what's more, they worked together with Universal Pictures to broadcast it Live in Cinemas in 42 countries!


I looked at the videos in YouTube and want to kick myself. How could I miss this historic event of one of my favourites MUSICAL of all TIME!!!

KIASU-CHING, my friend, you failed me!!!

The trailer

The Prologue

On My Own

Lea Salonga performing "I Dreamed A Dream"

One Day More!

More in YouTube!!

Saturday, February 04, 2012


Wife bathing the kid using shower. She asked maid to see if the switch to the heater was on. Maid went and see, came back out of the room and declared 'no'.

My previous maid would have switched it on there and then.

This one only do as asked. Word by word!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blogger Stats

I'm looking at my Blogger Stats on which of my post are the most popular among my readers:
I'm not surprise that the refurbished iPhone post has the highest page view. Many people are worried that their iPhone from maxis would be a refurb one, even though it is true.

But I am surprise that the maid post is the second highest. What's happening. Are there many maid issues among Malaysians?

Love Diamond is not bad. Are they still around?

I'm hoping the MBA will slowly climb up the reader count. However, MBA is a premium product and therefore market share is low. Naturally reader count is low too.

Out of all my top 5 posts, they are all product related. How commoditize and materialistic our world has become!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MacBook Air 11" vs 13": my take!

Well, there seemed to be two camps debating loudly over the Internet as to which is the better choice - a MacBook Air (MBA) 11" or 13". These are my thoughts.

Some background. I come from using a Windows notebook for years, notably the Lenovo ThinkPad. A few years ago, I used a T400, a 14" power horse that runs at a resolution of 1440xsomething. It was a pretty good machine. But I hated it. The reason I hate it was its weight and size. It's not a big monster, mind you. 14" at that time was state of the art. The weight, though, is a killer.

I decided to ask for a change. My company changed it to a X200. The X200 is noticeably lighter but I have one reservation. I am not sure if I could accept the smaller screen and smaller screen real estate. The X200 has a resolution of 1280x800. I use Excel a lot. Can I see my whole spreadsheet?

When I finally got the X200, I thought it was the best ThinkPad I ever had! Best ever! It was so light at 1.5kg. The 12" didn't bother me at all. The smaller 1280x800 resolution didn't reduce my productivity. I love it that I could carry it around as I move from meeting rooms to meeting rooms.

So, when I decided to consider a MBA, my first choice was 11". Light and small is my mantra now. In reality, it is actually 11.6". What's more, during the CNY red day sale, it just cost RM2,788. Cheap right? I placed my order online. Then as I was waiting for it to ship, fate had it that I stopped by machines and saw the MBA 13". Hmm, I thought to myself then. 13" seems to be nicer. Yes, it is heavier and it feels bulkier compare to the MBA 11" but I get more screen real estate. Not only that, you get longer battery life (MBA 11" has 5 hours while MBA 13" has 7 hours). Isn't 13" a better choice? Did I just made a mistake?

For days I researched the Net. I read articles and articles and visited forums (MacRumors). I found that this question was what's troubling many potential MBA buyers. In forums poll, though, the results are pretty even. Maybe the MBA 13" leads by a mere 1%-2% but it is still a very small lead.

I struggled with this question. I could still cancel my order. I still have time. Should I do it?

Finally I found peace.

I went back to basic. Why did I order 11" in the first place? It was the price. The lowest MBA 11" was RM2788. But I can't settle for a 2GB machine and 64GB storage, so I have already forced myself to bear the additional cost of RM600 for the upgrades. It is beyond my budget already. I can't see myself plonking an additional RM300 for another 13" and 2 hour battery life. So, it was the price that was the main factor, I reminded myself.

The second thing is portability. Yes, 13" gives a more screen real estate. But 13", when you clam it shut and carry it around, feels like carrying a A3-size folio paper. It does. When you compare carrying the 11" and the 13", 13" is gigantic. And this reminds me of my T400. How I hated carrying that monster around! The 11" though is just right. It feels like carrying an iPad. You could easily hold it between your arm pit while you carry your coffee or while peeing (LOL!) So yeah, the size worked for me.

What about the screen real estate? You know, the 11" has more screen real estate than my X200. Excel was able to show me 3 more columns compared to when I opened it in X200. How did they do it? The MBA has very high res screen.. and there in lies a problem though. The fonts are tiny! I had to do 150% zoom in Excel to see comfortably. The font are crisps and sharp - so is the display.. but they are just too tiny for my middle age bespectacled eyes.

Aha... you said. 13" is better then! Actually, it is not. The 13" is physically bigger but remember that it has higher resolution as well. So it is still the high res screen. The font is still tiny but you get to see more windows.

So, as many people in the Net will end up advising you, it's really up to personal preference. Do you want portability (size) vs  lugging a A3 folio? Do you move about a lot? Is price a factor? Remember, you are choosing the Air and not the Pro and not other laptop for one very good reason. You wanted light and portability.. that's why you are considering an Air, right? So, why not choose the lightest of them all?

Saturday, January 07, 2012


On weekdays, I'm a slave to my job. On weekends, I'm a slave to my children. Help me!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


My chat with a friend today:

Ringgit Ringgit!!!! 
Lotus Traveler on Android 4.0.3 - works ok 
i saw in the forum 
why? i don't care about android 
i care 
u shldn't also! 
i use android phone 
dun let apple clone you! 
i used an apple since 1988 
explore other options 
it's my first computer! 
and recently, i fall in love with my mac mini 
actually, the mini was so so aje until i bought the magic trackpad 
now i am HOOKED! 
Apple is my other options. Windows is the main. 
I already have one 'ye lai', no need a third one called Android