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This weekend have been a busy one. I saw World Trade Center on Friday night in Cineleisure Damansara. This is the first time I have been to Cineleisure and I was surprised that it is a shopping center cum cinema. I always thought that it is just a cinema complex. I wonder how this center is going to survive with The Curve, Ikano and 1 Utama so near to it. Anyway, the movie, WTC, is very disappointing. I don't know why it get good reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. It's kinda dry and "expected". On Saturday, I saw The Prestige with Anne and Bahija. Now, this is good movie! Very interesting set up, lots of surprises along the way, very "The Sixth Sense" like - the type of movie that made you look back to the beginning of the show to make you go "Ohhhh... no wonder.. now I see it!" After the movie, Anne and I went to a dinner in New Paris, near SS2. This was a gathering of old school friends and their wives and partner. One of my friends, TaiLo, wanted to

Why can't I..?

Why can't I switch to Blogger in Beta?

You're Pitiful

Have you heard of Weird Al Yankovic ? He's an artist who sings parody out of popular songs. He made his name back in the 80s when he started singing Michael Jackson's "Beat It" as "Eat It", depicting fat people in his music video, eating it. I love some of his songs, particularly one called "The Saga Begins" sung to the tune of Madonna's "American Pie". "The Saga Begins" tell the story abt Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars. Anyway, he has released a free song called "You're Pitiful" - singing about a 42 year old gamer cum Star Trek fan who still stays with his parents and smells repulsive: "You eat chips, of your chest, while playing Halo 2. No one is classier than you.. lalalalalalala Loser..." This song is sung to the tune of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful". Absolutely hilarious!! Watch the video in YouTube . Or download the mp3 from the official site, linked above.

Things I did

So what have I done in the past 5 days? 1. I saw World of Warcraft in ZipD's PC and I must say I am TEMPTED to play the game. I told Loochoomus and Daniel about it and somehow they are interested also despite having no pc, no internet connection and having to fork out rm200 for the game. I think they do not realize how potentially devastating this game could be to their lives or perhaps they are just curious after reading about it in the papers. I also saw the 7 adorable puppies in ZipD's house. 2. I finished Lost 2. Really nice and interesting TV series. 3. I started playing CoH. It was fun. I played around 6-7 levels from the campaign and has started to get bored. I bet the multiplayer would be interesting. 4. I installed the Pentium 3 PC upstairs for dad to use. It has wireless. Don't play play. 5. Visited Anne's cousin brother who was hospitalized. Poor chap skidded and crashed into a lamp post in Jalan Damansara before Victoria Station restaurant (just before Help

Time Flies..

Mon, Tue and Wed is a public holiday here - Deeparaya. It's already Tuesday! I just wasted 4 days doing nothing and time flies! There's still so much to do... Seriously though, I was bored. I wanna go back to work :P

Tech Stocks...

Tech stocks seemed to be pretty bullish for the past couple of weeks. I hope this uptrend continues till end of 2006. I could do with some moolah for the new house... Go tech.. gooooooooo!

Haze: How Much Longer?

How much longer? March 22nd, 2005: Dude, what's wrong with my country? August 11th, 2005: We are all going to die August 10th, 2005: Cough, Cough

Playing Host

Last weekend, I played host two an American executives. She's visiting the team here. Naturally, playing host cost money - money that cannot be claimed. SIGHHHHH... Anyway, that is not what I wanted to say in this post. This evening, in 1 Utama, my host was intrigued by the OSIM iGallop, an exercise machine which one rides on it, as though riding a horse. My guest was thrilled by it and she realized the "implications" to the naughty minds. She was excited, claiming that she has never seen one like this in the USA. But that is not what I wanted to say in this post. What I wanted to say is that as I was watching the salesman pushing the iGallop to her, something occur to me. I do a quick math in my head and was horrified to realize that what my American executive made in a month, converted to RM, is what this salesman make in TEN years! Can you imagine how disgusting this is? This poor chap, talking enthusiastically to sell her the iGallop, can talk for 10 years and still c

Mental Friends

This afternoon, Monica, Anti Ringgit and I met for lunch. I learned about the term “mental friends” from AR. He claimed that we have been demoted to be a “mental friend”, someone whom he only thinks about. Can you imagine that? Celaka. So, the priority, according to AR is: Mental friend -> Acquaintance -> Friend -> Friend Friend -> Lover LOL!

Australian Post

Chat with Anti Ringgit who is now in AU.. Anti R (2:05 PM) then many other cerita lah Anti R (2:05 PM) my ATM oz bank tak send lagi Anti R (2:05 PM) hilang in post Anti R (2:05 PM) now no money to pay bills Anti R (2:05 PM) unless i go back and withdraw at oz bank counter Ringgit (2:05 PM) Aiyo.. how come hilang in post? I tot only happen in POS Malaysia Ringgit (2:05 PM) AU Post also same??? Anti R (2:06 PM) i dunno what happened Anti R (2:06 PM) so when they dun give me ATM ..i cannot withdraw out there Anti R (2:06 PM) i m relying on my own past income Ringgit (2:06 PM) Can I post this part of our conversation abt AU Post in my blog? Anti R (2:06 PM) drying soon Anti R (2:06 PM) i dunno who's fault Ringgit (2:06 PM) So AU is not exactly very efficient Ringgit (2:06 PM) :D Anti R (2:07 PM) a bit slow i hv to say Anti R (2:07 PM) open an account need to set appointment Anti R (2:07 PM) can u imagine Anti R (2:07 PM) it's

Haze is back

.. again... Did you know that we have sufferred this intrusion from irresponsible Indonesians for 8 years? 8 freaking years!!! If you have a child who is 8 year old, he probably thinks that it is an annual event - like Christmas or CNY. Can you believe this?


I went for a 2-day class today and learned something interesting. It's about diversity in workforce. This is one of the most requested programs in FRONTLINE's history. It is about an Iowa schoolteacher who, the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in 1968, gave her third-grade students a first-hand experience in the meaning of discrimination. This is the story of what she taught the children, and the impact that lesson had on their lives. Watch the video: (Official website here ) See it in