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Just for the record, I am 68KG* - ie I lost 4KG of weight. At my peak, I was 72KG. This was the time when people are commenting that I am like a curry puff. Then it went down to 70KG and I feel this is the ideal weight for me. So essentially, I lost only 2KG. This should put down to rest all the misconception that I have lost a lot of weight and whether I am sick or not. The next time I hear someone saying I am think, I am going to give them facts! You hear that, NLK! Grr! * verified by two different weighing scales

No casing for your iPhone 4???!

This is perhaps the most asked question when I showed people the iPhone 4. They are puzzled as to why I didn't buy any protective casing. Some said that since you have spent a fortune on the phone, what is a RM150 more for a protective casing. I don't disagree with them and it is something I struggled internally as well. The iPhone 4 is a beauty of phone engineering. You gotta see it, touch it, to believe it. It's so pretty and nice that I feel it is a shame to cover it in ugly plastic or rubber casing. Why would you want to pay so much for a phone only to hide it in a case. I'd rather touch it in it's original state and enjoy the feeling, the curve and the feel of the phone. The best analogy I could think of is a car. You spend RM120K on a car.. say a Civic.. do you drive install a kangaroo bar? Do you keep the plastic in the seat so that the leather upholstery is preserved? A car has a higher chance of being knocked and scratched compared to a phone. Every month y

Gotta Love the iPhone 4 HD Video Recording

Let me say it again: "Gotta Love the iPhone 4 HD Video Recording"! I bought the phone, despite having a iPhone 3G, because I want the HD video recording feature. And the reason is to capture all the cute and funny little sen antics. And I have no regrets! Aside from having a high def video capture and playback and therefore very good quality video, the iPhone 4 has the ability to capture video in WIDESCREEN! Yup, tilting the phone side ways capture the video in widesreen . And that means, watching little sen's antics in a Cinema! Seriously, you have to see it to appreciate the video quality. It's like watching Lord of The Rings in GSC! This, alone, is worth the $$$ and these memories are priceless!

Ringgit Blog Statistics

Do you know that The Love Diamond post is the most popular post of this blog? In fact, it is so popular that if you search for "The Love Diamond", it comes up as number 8 in Google search result! Looks like every guy/gals dreaming of "The Love Diamond" read my post. Grin!

It's back!!

Toffee Nut Latte! Yum yum.

Reverse Parking

I just don't get some people. When there are a lot of car park spaces, why would people still reverse park and caused a long queue of cars waiting for him to park? Why can't people just drive the car into the space and let the other cars pass through? I get irritated with this people because I think reverse parking is a selfish act. You reverse park so that it is convenient for you to drive away but you create inconvenience for people behind you!

my iPhone 4 is here! wooo hoooo!

Sometimes, you gotta like maxis. Sure, they have their faults.. but they have been improving. I have very good experience with them during our Fiber To The Home internet installation and process. And now, I have a good experience when getting the iPhone 4. Some background - it's hard to get iPhone 4 in Malaysia. People have been visiting Maxis Centers and Roadshows only to be disappointed. The reasons are that there are limited number of units per day per Center. When they reached the limit, you have to come another day. So one day, Maxis came to my company to do a roadshow. They gave us corporate rate and that if we order in the roadshow, they will even ship to us. We don't have to go line up and be disappointed. I placed my order and 2 weeks later, the phone came. But on that day it came (today), I was not in the office! Instead, I was in a meeting in Sunway. The guy asked me if he could come tomorrow because he had a couple of deliveries to make. I asked if he could come to