What is the Time

I decided to write an app, an iPhone app. I started learning Swift and SwiftUI by watching Swiftful Thinking by Nick Sarno, did a course in Udemy by Kenneth Jones and bought some books from Big Mountain Studio

As a result of this, I finally launched my first app. 

"What is the Time" is a beautifully designed, gesture-based, world clock. Use your finger to slide and watch the cities clock update magically! No mental calculation required. Think of it as time travel - to the past, or back to the future.

There are many timezone and world clock apps out there. However, they simply display the current time in various cities. If you wish to find out the time in Paris at 5pm local time, you would need to make mental calculations.

 "What is the Time" is the app that simplifies this process with just a swipe on the time ruler. Easily move time forwards or backwards and observe the city clocks update in real time. This feature facilitates planning for future meetings. 

You can personalize the city names with those of your loved ones, team members, or special memories. Sort the cities alphabetically or chronologically, or rearrange them manually in your desired order. The color of the city changes during the transition from day to night. 

No subscriptions or ads involved, just a good old, one-time in-app purchase to access more than 3 cities.

I'd appreciate if you could take a look and let me know your feedback.

What is the Time App logo

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