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Fei Kei Chai

That's the term my mother in law used for those pesky mosquitoes. It literally means little air planes. An endearing term for something so deadly. One of the things that a new father has to master is to 'shoot' down these fei kei chai. Kinda makes you feel like you are in the Air Force except that you don't pilot another plane and dog fight them to death. Instead I have to use a electric swatter, something like a badminton raquet, to do the job. So,the feeling is like being King Kong instead. Ha ha. Have to have keen eye sight, fast reflex, accuracy and merciless. These are the skills requirement for being a new father. Sent from my iPhone

Blog via email

This is a test. I captured a picture and sending it as an email to blogger. In theory it should appear as a blog post. If it works, another good reason for an iPhone. This restaurant in Sg Buloh serves very good curry mee. One of my favourite hang out place whenever I'm at my in-laws. Great environment, superb teh ping and reasonable price. What's not to like?

New BU Police Station...

Photos from actual site. Work has already started. Concept arts and photo, courtesy of JTan from BU11. The new Bandar Utama police station will be built beside McDonald's at Center Point. Here's hoping that the presence of a police station will reduce the crime rate but I am not hopeful. SS2 has one of the highest crime rate and there is this huge police station in SS2. In fact, I recently heard of a case where someone was robbed outside Maybank in SS2. And opposite Maybank is the police station. Don't you think it was a joke? The robbers must be mocking the police. They must be shoving a finger up their collective ass for robbing the guy right under their noses. I am afraid that would be what's going to happen to this Bandar Utama police station - an empty shell of an empty instituition...


Ringgit has added AdSense to his blog. He needs $ for the family. Please click on the ad! (ha ha .. I wonder if it really works!)

Happy Mother Day Card

Bahija requested I take a picture of the Mother Day's card that little sen (daughter of Ringgit) sent to her mother on Mother's Day. See the pinkish card above.

Random HCMC-trip Notes

Well, I was in Ho Chi Minh City on a business trip and guess what I found out? There are no McDonald's in Vietnam! Not a single one. Asking the locals confirmed it but he doesn't know why. There's only one or two KFC in the city. I saw one KFC and was tempted to try it but I was in a taxi and just finished lunch and could not ask the cab to stop. But goodness.. no McDonald's! Is it because of anti-American sentiment or just that Vietnamese don't like burgers? I have no idea. Coincidentally DroolMan is in HCMC too and he will be here for two weeks. What's bizarre is that we both stay in the same hotel! We didn't know about our trips and yet we stay in the same hotel. How about that for coincidence! I found out that he's going to HCMC from his FB status. We met up for breakfast every morning and if time permits and I am not too burnt out, we meet up for coffee at night. It's like the old times - mamak - but in a 5-star hotel under the comfort of air co

Pregnancy and iPhone

The iPhone is both a blessings and curse during the labour and after the baby was born. Blessings: 1. When baby and mommy are sleeping, it's good to keep daddy occupied.. get to FB, surf Net, send emails, etc 2. Instant photo taking and sorting - granted, other phones could do this but nothing beats the experience of flicking and pinching your photos to zoom. And instant sending of photos as emails. 3. SMS was fun - it's so cool to see SMS as conversation threads. Makes the experience surreal. Curse: 1. people expect minute by minute updates. Very stressful le :P especially when wife is in pain - I can't be tapping on the phone 2. The phone RANG! while Anne was pushing the baby up! I took good care to make sure it was shut off but it rang - because of the morning alarm! Alarm will ring regardless! Imagine the shock! LOL! Ok ok.. I really cannot ramble. This post was put up due to peer pressure to write something! HA HA!

Last weekend

Wow.. last weekend, my baby girl was born.. and the missus and my life turned upside down. They say you will have sleepless nights. They say you will have joy and fear. They say you will have frustrations and helplessness. All very true. But in the end, it's all worth it. Anne gets to celebrate her first ever Mother's Day last Sunday. I bought a card. Quite cute card. The cover says "To my mommy from her little girl". I was surprised to see such a card. It's like it's made for her! So in the card, I represent the little one and wrote to her mother - thanking her for the 9 months of carrying and taking care of her health; thanking her for the pain she has to go through during her 10 hour labour. Thanking her for being patient when she (baby) was demanding and unreasonable. Thanking her for chanting hours of daimoku for her safety and happiness. I thought that was a nice touch. So today I am back to work. We only have a measley 3 day paternity leave. My friend s