Thursday, January 06, 2005


This reminds me of certain individuals in the company and it is highly disturbing for me to hear this. Why oh why indeed! How can any man suck another man's dick is beyond me. Brrrrrrrrrr... yet, what are those things you hear about men being closer to each other (not sexually) because they have more things in common.. such as interest, emotions (or lack of i.e. do not have to deal with the Bonnie-like outburst), the kinship, etc? Are those really "brotherhood love" or there's more to it?

What about the ladies? They have some "women" love too. Are they lesbians too?

So perhaps the gays/lesbians are more bolder because they come out of the closet while perhaps other men/women are just suppressing it?

Do I even have a point to make it? Nevermind. Just don't let me catch you (men) staring at me! I am a known ghey basher you know.

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