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White Shirt

It breaks my heart to see my white shirt stained by dirty water. A few years ago, this happens to my shirts. I always thought that it was due to the 10 year old washing machine we had when we were in Sinar but I alway suspect it is the bad water quality we had in Malaysia. Since then, I never buy white shirts. That's why you see me wearing blue a lot. I can't trust the washing machine nor the water we had.

I remember one time, when I came back from Hong Kong, ZipD, Miss Peace, his sister, Bahija, Anti Ringgit and I went for a movie in GSC Mid Valley. Someone commented why my T Shirt was not as white as ZipD's sister's. And that T-Shirt was a new one I bought from Hong Kong ie less than a week old.

When we moved to the new house, we bought a new, state of the art, wash machine. My faith returned. I bought two nice stripped shirts from G2000. In less than 3 months, both turned yellow. I know that it's not the wash machine now. My mother said she hand wash shirts so it cannot be the machine. It must be the murky water we have! Can you imagine drinking this water everyday - water that stains your white clothes.

Anyway, I was doing my laundry and ironing yesterday night and I realize I bought two shirt in USA that is light in colour. Oh no... I bet these will get stained. I guess I won't be wearing them in MY.

Seriously, it sucks.

Do you guys have any tips? Do you get stains in your white clothes/t-shirts? How do you clean your shirts? Washine machine? Hand wash? And if handwash.. did you soak the shirt for a long time? Perhaps I should not soak it. Perhaps soaking is what's staining it. HELP!


  1. First, when you machine to wash, you need to separate the while in color (remember Rachel's first laundry). Second you need to blech the cloth. Try the Kao beach, it is quite good, use that for years. Third you add some softener before the machine spin it dry because the blech make the cloth hard. Forth you should always becare and not to stain white shirt. If you do stain it, rub some liquid detergent on it and wash it as soon as possible.

  2. there u go .... expert rotitelur gave u the tips. FIRST thing on my list, never ever campur white clothes with colored clothes - be it soak, hand wash or machine - my white has the highest priority in its own baldi. My testimony - using machine, did it ONCE only - I campur white and colors together, after one wash, all the whites turn greyish, very kotor like..there on, no matter how hard i wash - sudah kaput. Washing whites only - can use bleach easily - this handy thingy really make it WHITE :) So far, i use machine for my whites - so far so good my hse has external water filter - so water shld be better kuah ... for ur hse, u can get a lower end simple filter - just pipe it next to the water source which go into your washing machine , that will help to filter water sikit ( this is most cost saving filter lah ) , high end - letak water filter for the whole hse.

  3. Thank you for your advice. What if it is not pure white shirt? What if there is some pattern or stripes in it? Can I still use bleach?

  4. Ringgit - as far as i know , including my mum's practise, bleach removes colors. We only use it with pure white clothes nia. Tapi my info may be outdated, let's hear from rotitelur. If my white shirt ada color striped - i wash by hand alone - no soaking as well ...I dun even mix this baby with my pure white clothes...very kek sim to have whole load of clothes turn into 'dirty' clothes ... white memang sensitive. When a pure white baju lama tak pakai, then ada 'kuning' spots...this kuning spots machine wash entah berapa kali also tak keluar, best and easy way - bleach and bleach - and it turn white-white..

  5. Send it to the laundry - take before and after pic. If got stain, ask for refund of the price of the shirt.


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