Signs of a greaaat girlfriend..

Anne told me that she's visiting my parents tomorrow. She said that since I have been away, she has not seen them and she thinks that she should go visit them. Wow... Isn't she great?

(I know that this thought will never occur to me if she were the one overseas and I am in KL)..

On another note, I was working my ass off here in Dallas. I worked 1o to 12 hour a day, everyday. I am so exhausted that I do not have the energy to blog. All I want is to lie down on the bed, rest my head and leg and listen to my music. In this sense, the nano was a relieve.

Anyway, 2 more weeks to go back home. I have mixed feelings. I think of the humidity and the sweating I will get in KL and I just don't want to go back. Of course, on the other hand, I want to go back to Anne and my family and friends...


  1. Your girlfriend is very thoughtful. The best part is she cares for your family without you asking.

  2. Yes.. and I know now, that the wait for her, is WELL WORTH IT!


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