This morning was really cold. As I walked to my car, I was surprised to see a thin layer of ice on my windshield, roof, trunk and door. It must have been so cold that the rain (or maybe, the morning dew) frooze! As I drove to work, the landscape that I was used to, have changed slightly. Instead of brown dead grasses across the vast fields, I saw brown dead grasses with a layer of ice. There were patches of ice every where and I could almost see individual leave of grass covered with ice (bump mapping effect, per pixel shading, in 3d talk - or something like that.. ha ha..) The sun was up as I was driving and the ice in the fields started to melt and there's water vapors rising lazyly up into the sky. It's beautiful. On one hand, I see bright morning sun and on the other side, I see a calm, icy fields filled with a surreal-kinda-fog. I sure wish my camera is working so I could capture this scene. Absolutely beautiful..


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