Shit Happens

After 3 years of faithful service, from the spring in Dallas, to the heat of Egyptian summer, my Canon v3 decided to die - and what a way to die - in the winter of Dallas. I did not drop it at all and yet this morning, it gave me crappy pictures. It's puzzling. How can something so sturdy just died like that?

Someone had the same problem as I did and he did a good job at describing the problem.

I hope it's not going to cost me a bomb to fix it.

Did some research.. seems to be a known phenomenom and Canon may fix it for free. I will keep my fingers crossed! Damn...


  1. if free repair, then fix it, else, buang beli another one - the latest camera is nicer, slimmer, newer features.... jangan like me, bodoh2 sakit hati not buang the old camera and pergi repair. I can direct you to the repair center, tutup 7 pm :) hehehe
    BTW, this comment is posted while I'm wireless kat my living room - baru aje setup :) hehehe


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