Here's the funny thing. I am using FedEx to track my package and guess where it is originating from? China! I mean, this is free shipping, right? If they have to ship from China via FedEx, wouldn't that be expensive? Sometimes I wonder how things work here...

It's an individual package. Imagine if 100 people bought the gadget at the same time I did. Wouldn't there be 100 packages shipped from China?


  1. The product probably is manafactured in China, they are shipping you directly from the plant. It cost the same or less if they were to ship from their China plant to US office and ship it out to US customer.

    I am thinking to do Global Logistic in my next job :-)

  2. aiyah, bulk shipment direct from factory , minimal warehouse cost ...also 100 RMB = USD 15 ( eg )...USD 15 is for distance from LA to Canada nia ....of course make sense to ship from China - after all not ipod nia, all other company lump into same shipment too.....memang dahsyat seeing China growing stronger in, be careful if u buy Panasonic cordless phone - entah2 made in Msia oh


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