Counter Dry-ness

I need to write this down so as a reminder.

Anti Ringgit taught me a few tricks on fighting dryness in the room. You see, one of the bad thing about cold country is that the weather is very dry. It's so dry that I have to put on moisturizer after I bathe. Some areas which I forgot, for example, the thighs, became so dry there's spot on it.. and the texture feels like fish skins. So here are the tips:
1. Don't bathe with extreme hot or extreme cold water
2. End a not-so-hot-bathe with cool water to close the pores - this will also allow your body to quickly adjust to the cooler room temperature so you don't catch a cold
3. Put on moisturizer before you bathe
4. Use Dove bath foam coz it has 1/3 moisturizer content
5. Fill the bath tub with hot, steamy water and leave the bathroom door open - the humidity will flow into the room
6. Place a bowl of water by the bedside
7. If you have a kitchenette, like I do, BOIL a pot of water and let it steam (I only realized this two days ago! Alamak)

There you have it. Valuable tips.


  1. .. and, you might want to add, bathe 10 times a day, curse the sun, curse the humidity and smell like a skunk... :)


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