New Year

One good thing about keeping a blog is that I could look back in time and see what happened:

I started the blog with a comic relief from PVP and I said I wanted an ipod mini. Now I am waiting for the nano to arrive. The MBS gang had our annual CNY gathering. Debbie Gibson posed nude and I still don't have the Playboy issue. Tai Lo's brother wedded. My sister wedded. I had my usual crisis with Bonnie. We had haze, a terrible one too. I went to Alpha class. I helped Monica move. I was busy with work and my career looks good. I went for a business trip to Korea and am now in USA. Played lots of games and completed some really good ones.

Of course, the most important event of 2005 is that I met Anne and my life changed.

Lots of good memories for 2005.

And I do look forward to 2006.

Overall, yeah.. a good year :D


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