Hair Cut

I had to go for a hair cut so last week I went to Great Clips for a haircut. The hair cut cost $13 and I *had* to give a $2 tip. My hair was simply too long and by the time I reach KL, all the salon would have closed and I don't want to go through New Year with an ugly hair.

Anyway, the stylist was a lady from Laos. She had this license hanging on the mirror, like all things in America, you need a license for everything. The first thing she asked me was what number I want to use. Huh? I don't get you, lady. She pointed to a collection of "comb thingy" and said that I have to choose a number so she can fit it into the shaver and shave my hair. Er.. I have no idea, I told her. The stylist in Malaysia just use what he/she sees fit. So she suggested number 3 for me. I said ok. Turned out number 3 is a just right, thankfully. I found out later that number 1 would be a almost botak choice while number 4 is almost like not cutting at all. So 3 is good. It's just weird that you have to choose a number.

The way she cut my hair was very systematic, almots robotic like. I wonder if it was the class she went through to get her license. Not the professional we are used to at home which proves yet again, that labour cost in USA is very expensive. This lady is probably not the pro. The pro cuts for Hollywood actress I guess.. ha ha..


  1. aii,, hahaha, luckily u chose number 3 , else habis BOTAK -mati loh. My mum bought the hair shaver and use at home, to cut teddy bear's hair , so all of us know how it works. hehehe.


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