The picture on the left was taken back in 2003 when we left Las Vegas, going on our way to San Diego. It's supposed to be the world's tallest thermometer. Anyway, this post is not about thermometer. This post is about a restaurant called Denny's.

Food in USA cannot be compared to food in Malaysia. It's not even different. Food in Korea is different. Food in USA is just plain dull.

The only salvation is the buffalo wings in Denny's. Rotitelur and I discovered the buffalo wings in the Denny's just a block from the thermometer 3 years ago. She would beg to differ and said that we had Denny's in Grand Canyon but I don't remember having buffalo wings in Grand Canyon.

The wings are superb. It's better than any barbeque wings in KL, period. If you have a chance, try Denny's buffalo wings to-go. You will not regret it. I had it two times already, since I was here. I'm going to eat one more time next week before I leave.

I guess, there's hope for USA.


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