I am currently staying in Homewood Suites by Hilton. While I am satisfied with the room and the environment, I totally hate the breakfast selections. In fact, there was no selection. Everyday I see the same type of food. Seriously, I don't know how I can "tahan" the next 4 weeks. In my previous trip to Dallas, I stayed in Residence Inn by Marriott. The breakfast is as bad but at least every day is different. Marriott changed their breakfast everyday and repeat every week. So this Monday and next Monday's food will be the same.

Hilton, in comparison, repeat every two days. So, Monday, I may get scramble eggs and bacon. Tuesday I'll get scramble eggs and sausage. Wed - eggs and bacon, Thu - eggs and sausage. Oh my goodness!!! How to eat for 6 weeks? Granted there are other "standard" stuff that are available everyday but these are crap - the standard stuff are cereals, breads, muffins. WHERE IS THE VARIETY?

I am going to write a complain letter.. I mean, suites like this are meant for long stay. If you can't change your breakfast menu, I am sure you will lose your customer.

My company will compensate me additional $8 per day if breakfast is not provided by the hotel. Unfortunately, I can't claim that now, can I? Celaka!


  1. Ringgit

    When are you going to be satisfied? When are you going to find everything IDEAL for you?

    The Answer is NONE! It's all in your mind.

  2. I am not sure about you ZipD but I have at least 5 different choices for my regular breakfast in Malaysia. Let's see:
    1. Nasi Lemak
    2. Roti Canai/telur/Tosai/etc
    3. Noodles - fish ball, asam laksa, curry laksa, pork ball, pork noodle, wonton noodle, pan mee, yee mee, char kuey teow
    4. Chee cheong fun
    5. Dim sum/pao/loh mai kai

    Isn't there more variety in MY than egg/sausage and egg/bacon?

    I don't know.. maybe you eat bread everyday for your "Work Breakfast" but not me...

  3. Ringgit, I totally agreed with you. I stayed in Marriot Residence Inn in other State - aiyuh, jelak tengok same breakfast - cereal, muffin, egg, sausages, milk nia everyday - 2 mths - siapa tak jelak ? the other thing also I tak biasa makan American breakfast everyday liow - sien ... that's why I drove 2.5 hrs to Banana Leaf Msian restaurant to makan Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik - it was like in heaven then :) yummy

    I asked boss and he commented that since breakfast was given, so cannot claim. I actually told him - i didn't ask for breakfast, as the matter of fact, i prefer without breakfast ....ALSO - the Marriot Residence Inn person told me Residence Inn with breakfast has less points. Likewise Courtyard Marriot doesn't provide breakfast but earn more points ( diff standard and higher rate ), obviuos eh my next stay would be which one liow - HAHAHA


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