Monday, January 23, 2006


Today I decided to fix myself a spamburger. Spam is a famous food in America, made famous during the war because spam was shipped to the marines in huge quantities. In Asia, it is known as luncheon meat ("em chang yok"). I fixed myself a spam-sandwich plus Cintan mee noodle (yes, I brought 1 dozen of em with me). I wanted to see what's the fuss about Spam. Well, I am sad to say that it's nothing compared to the luncheon meat we have at home. This spam is just too salty for my taste. It's like eating a chunk of salt. If it's less salty, it'd almost taste like luncheon meat. Almost. Nothing beats the "em chang yok" at home. Because it is so salty, it covered the taste of my Cintan noodle. What a waste of good noodle. And what a waste of $4 for that stupid can of Spam.


  1. haha, I tried all the flavours it had to offer as well. The only Spam that came close to our homegrown '5-meal pork' was the Classic and that was a little too salty as well. I guess they tenderize their meat with sea water.

  2. LOL, this is so hillarious ..... guess u forgot mat salleh punya tongue super 'thick', their taste tend to be too salty or tooooo sweet...