The Year That Was

kimmikanuyi said she wanted to hide in a cave to reflect on year 2004. mystic_grey said year 2004 was the worst year ever for her. I would normally flipped through my calendar to see what had happened in the past 12 months. These are some of the stuff that I wrote on the calendar: I bought a new PC, went to Mariah Carey Charmbracelet Tour in Stadium Merdeka, went to Cameron Highlands with the gang, move to Menjalara, saw Saturday Night Fever in Istana Budaya, went to Hong Kong to see Greedy, ending the year with an unforgetable trip to Egypt with anti-ringgit, kimmikanuyi and cy.

Is this a good year? Are those achievements? How does one brand a year as good or bad?

I used to measure the success of a year by how many places or things I have done. Today, upon reflection, those are not achivements - or are they? The trips and the concerts - those are really immaterial, aren't they?


  1. The mathematics that someone taught me or reminded me tonight, Happiness <> Money. The same goes to number of achievements <> good year. So what if you achieved all the things you want, yet you are not happy or feel EMPTY ...
    A good year for me, is that I can reflect those moment when I engaged with people, things or visited nice places, and my 'hang fuk' round smiley face can be noticed ...and when I tell you those stories, you can also feel how excited I was .....


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