Well, well, well, who would have thought of this?

Before I start, Merry Christmas to all of you!

This morning, the whole family went to Concorde Hotel. My younger sister's church is having a Christmas event in the hotel. She has, in recent months, accepted Christ into her life and was excited to invite the family to her first Christmas. She's affliated with Bethany Church, part of the Assembly of God of Malaysia, in the suburb I am staying.

So we went to Concorde Hotel. The event is held in the ballroom. The set up is different from most Christmas events I have been in the past. Instead of having rows and rows of chairs facing the stage, they have tables of ten instead, much like a wedding dinner. Lunch is provided, buffet style.

The event started with singing - some Christmas songs - Joy to the World, Hark the Angel Sing, O Holy Night and some other songs I am not familiar with. Then this guy called HT Long came up stage. He's supposedly a very well known performer - he's called the Elvis Presley of Malaysia. Anyway, he performed a few Elvis song - Wooden Heart, Crying In The Chapel, etc. Very good voice. He really sound like Elvis. Then he sang a few gospel songs after which he gave his testimony. In my opinion, he wasn't a good speaker as he get distracted a lot - but he gets his message across. He spoke about how he was against Christianity in all his adult years, despite all his family members persuasion and prayers. Finally he was touched by God when he was 38. This happened during one particular year where there was a visiting German missioner in Stadium Merdeka. He said that in that particular night he witnessed miracles of healing and he himself experienced the power of healing (he supposedly has some kind of body itch for the past 14 years, which baffled all the doctors). Since then he has been doing ministry work, by singing for churches and events like this and you know basically spreading the word of God through his music.

At the end of his speech, he asked the people to pray with him.. I decided to whisper my prayers too. Then he asked if there's anyone who wanted to accept Christ. To my surprise, of all the people, my father raised his hand! Some of the ushers came to him and gave him a card to write his name and contact down. My sister was really happy that father has decided to open his heart to God. I was stunned. I was totally void of feeling. I mean, here I was, thinking deep and hard about all these and all of a sudden, the man of my family has decided to accept Him. I looked at dad and he said that he's just putting his name down.. and that maybe he can get healing for his hand (my father's hand had a sprained). I told him, well, it is a very good start. I sat back and then I was happy for him.. for it is a good start. If he brings the Lord to this house, perhaps the rest of the family will feel His presence too.

As I think more, I become happier. It really is a very good news indeed. It will make it so much easier for me, mom and another sister to welcome Him into our lives. While my parents don't object if anyone of their child decide to accept Christianity, I am always very hesistant because I do not know what they will think if their eldest son decided to do so. Now that father has accepted Him, I do think that it will make it much easier for the rest of us.

God does work in mysterious ways! This is the very last thing that I imagined to happen!

** update:
After the afternoon nap, father said that he didn't know that when raising his hand, he's asking to accept Christ. He was just trying to catch Mr HT Long's attention by saying, yes, his hand hurts too and can he be healed. Hmm.. can someone pull out like that?


  1. HaHaHa ... I did spent some time this afternoon thinking high and low, how could one open his/her heart to accept christ ? and why am I still hesitate ? why , why , why ??? what is it so difficult to open my heart ? hmm, guess I'm not ready yet ..still !

    But, tonight, I did my first 'loud' prayer during my family dinner, in front of everyone - for the blessed gathering and dinner ....I'm proud of that !

    I think your comment on 'God does work in mysterious ways!' is true ....things happen for reasons - we shall see !!

  2. God does has mysterious ways of calling people. Remember the Alpha program that I wanted to recommend to you? There's this Gal who is a non christian and to add to that her whole family is strong hindus. She came with fear - the fear of her family knowing. But she has on her own attended church occassionally. She has from the beginning decided not to stay until the end and even during the whole course of the preview session she kept saying that " I dunno what I am doing here" Then I told her there must a reason for you to be here and for you to choose to come here - I am sure God has a message for you.

    Her sister kept calling her on her mobile asking her to go home as she is alone as her sister's husband is working off shore that day. so she said her good bye to me in the middle of the video session and then went down. But after about 15 min or so, she came up. I asked her what happened, she said her car is blocked by another car so she can't leave. SEE!!!!! God's way we can't understand. so she is there for a reason - God's reason.

    Maybe you will experience that one day too :) Have an open heart.. thats the most important.


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