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I thought I should just say that today is Greedy's wedding dinner. Tomorrow will be the wedding ceremony. I bet it will be a hectic weekend for her.

Speaking of hectic, I had a hectic week. I have been working more than 12 hours almost everyday. Meetings here, meetings there.. and preparation of the party (a team building party). I am so glad it was all over.

On Thursday, anti-ringgit, kimmikanuyi, cy and I went to see Chloe, one of the girls in our tour. She owned an Italian restaurant, her husband is the chef. We had a long talk and get to sample some of the most delicious Italian food in KL! Anyway, my memories are hazy.. I WAS very tired.. so I will write more about that evening once I have the time to think through it. It was an entertaining and educational evening :)


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