I was stuck at a traffic jam on my way to Greedy's dinner. It was raining. My first thought was the old Chinese saying - when it rained during someone's dinner, it meant that that person is a miser. Not to imply Greedy's a miser.. LOL.. but while I was thinking in the car, I realize I do know an actual miser. Someone so cheapskate that he redefines the meaning of "kiasu".

So, this guy works in my company. Let's call him Miser. Miser is a Malaysian who used to study and worked in Singapore. He returned to Malaysia and worked in my company. He's a ok guy. I just can't stand him when he shows his "kiasu-ness" if there is even such a word.

Let me give you an example: a few of us went to a cybercafe to play CS. Most cybercafe here charges around 2 ringgit for an hour. It's pretty cheap and affordable. So we played for like 2.5 hours and it was late and I decided to call it a day. As I was quitting, Miser called out and said let's play another 30 minutes. I said why? He said we still have 30 minutes to go. Why waste it? I just walked away. If he wanted to play he can go ahead. But Miser didn't drive, see, so he had to follow us. He was sulking until after paying the fare at the counter. That was when he found out that the cybercafe charges at every 15 minutes interval which means that he wasn't charged the full 3 hours that he thought he will be charged. He was beaming and kept on saying how good they are to charge every 15 minutes. Geez! Come on! It's only RM1!

Yesterday, during our party, our managers bought us Christmas gifts. The gifts are all identical, with red wrappings for the guys and pink wrappings for the girls. Gifts were put in a basket. Boss said that please get yourself one of the gifts. She bought extra. At the end of the day, while packing up to go, she spied that Miser has taken two gifts! One red and one pink. Boss casually asked, "wah, when you have become girl?". Our friend has the cheek to answer that he's keeping in touch with his feminine side and so he took another one. I bet it is for a girl but would any girl accept such a thing?

Other examples including making lots of noises when asked to chip in for lunches or dinners.

There are all type of people in the world, eh? Perhaps that's why it was so interesting :)


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