The Revenge of "Respect"

Ok. I have to put this in. A couple of months ago, I attended Joey's wedding. I was dressed in a nice V-neck t-shirt and pants. When I met Joey, he looked at me and said why I wear so casually? I was taken aback. When I talked to the rest of the Friends, they said I should not be so casual. I said it's not casual because I didn't come in jeans. They said I should respect the host. It's people's wedding, for goodness sake.. so please pay some respect.

Today, at Greedy's dinner, Mr and Mrs Joey were the last guest to arrive! Dinner was supposed to start at 7.30pm. At 8pm when I called him, he was still in the house. He only arrived at 9pm!

Yeah.. so, who's not showing respect? I may not dressed formally, but at least I came on time. I was at Joey's wedding at 7pm, as stated in the wedding card. When you can't practise what you preached, don't insult people especially ringgit because he has very good memory.



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