Assistance Required

Tonight I am going out for a drink with Loochoomus and Numeronean (and his wife). Numy came back for two weeks. He and his wife is currently staying in Melbourne, Australia. They just finished having their house built.

Anyway, what I required from my dear readers are standard replies to two commonly asked questions whenever I meet up old friends or relatives. Seeing that Chinese New Year is around the corner, I should really start thinking of these standard answers. If only there is one answer that will stop all these questionings.

The questions that I usually get:
1. Are you still going to go Australia?
2. When are you getting a girlfriend?

Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks.


  1. how about F!*@&#!(*@&# Off.. hehe. I bet betcha they will stop asking. Too taken aback.. kakakakkaa

  2. Eh, what is this with CNY hah ? How come christmas time, no one will ask about when are you getting BF or GF ? But CNY - tonnes of people will ask this Q the 'chinese' ...grrrrrr

  3. Aisey.. I asked for constructive feedback lar, not telling me what I already know :P


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