Egyptian Magic Oil

So, I was minding my own business, doing some work when all of a sudden, I must emphasis the "all of a sudden" again, I received the following instant message from Bonnie:

bonnie (15:06) - yello
ringgit (15:06) - ?
bonnie (15:06) - tomorrow me not changing shift with you
ringgit (15:06) - ok
ringgit (15:06) - np
bonnie (15:06) - when you mentioned it's a favor
bonnie (15:06) - i think i dowan to have owe u a favor lar
bonnie (15:06) - thanks anyway
ringgit (15:06) - everything is a favour
ringgit (15:07) - how not to owe favour?
bonnie (15:07) - i will remember that.
ringgit (15:08) - that sounds omninous..
ringgit (15:08) - are you going to take revenge?

Can someone please tell me why I get things like this? Is it because of what I said? Is it because I look too free at work?

I'd like to think of it as the new Arabic oil (Egyptian perfume) that I am using now. It must have driven all these girls crazy. That's why they like to catch my attention! No wonder these days so much attention lar. They cannot resist the smell and wanted to cause some commotion or something to make me notice them. Looks like a damn good purchase from Egypt, eh?

Aside from Bonnie, I have been getting lunch requests these days - from NLK to Emily. Why, just this afternoon, I went lunch with Monica. Later, she sent me a message and asked if I wanted to date her tomorrow. I told her my heart is with Emmy Russom. She's not talking to me now :) Ala. Nevermind, I'll put more essence oil tomorrow.

Anyhoo, what I said above is correct. We live in a world where favours are given and taken. How can one survive without doing and accepting favours? When people do good things to you, you remember them and they have more EBA (Emotional Back Account) with you. As someone's EBA with you grow, you tend to treat that person better.. or do more things for the person voluntarily. Unfortunately, recent events has depleted all EBA that Bonnie had with me. She has to start building up her EBA all over again and start earning back my respect. Otherwise, more incidents such as this will happen.

I have been a loner since day one. I do a lot of things on my own. I do try not to ask favours (if I can help it, though I do recognize the importance of favours). Time will tell which of us will yield. Bonnie, on the other hand, has a family. She will have a baby soon. With a family, husband and a baby to take care off, we will see who's asking favour from who next time.

Year 2005 is really bright and interesting indeed.


  1. i think u should tread very carefully with bonnie. I think she takes things very seriously and hyper sensitive. I have to admit I am kinda sensitive too but... maybe she is more sensitive coz she is preggy.... Hormons all tak jalan pada kadar yang betoi! HAHAAA


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