Life Changing

miloflamingo said that she "(have) never met anyone whose life was unchanged by Egypt, for better or worse. I'm sure she was refering to the expats who live and work in Egypt and was not refering to the week-long tourist. It does get the wheels in my brain turning though. Did I change after coming back from this week long trip?

Well, for one, I begin to think a lot more about seeking God and fulfilling my spiritual need. I have seen the great things that people, 5,000 years ago, do for their faith in God. I was at the land where civilization supposedly exist. This is the place where Christianity and Islamic influences abound, where God gave Moses the 10 Commandments, where just across the Red Sea, the son of God was born, where the Prophet Mohammad made his hejira which marks the start of the Muslim calendar. 5,000 years of civilization dedicated to God cannot go wrong. Humans need faith to thrive on. Why is that so difficult to accept? Then there was the Purpose Driven Life book that kimmikanuyi borrowed which I have been reading almost every night. There are some good stuff there that can be pondered and put into good use .

2nd, respect plays a very important role in human relationship. "You are listening, yes, but you are not respecting me". And of course, to earn respect, one must show respect. I am now changing my behaviour to emphasize this area more. It's a minor life changing thing but important nevertheles.

3rd, I begin to recognize the fact that I don't have any identity as discussed in the Banana-man posts. At any rate, this has taught me humility. No more laughing at the "tung che mern" (comrades). In a way, I am more inferior to the tung che mern because I do not have an identity - whether it is a race nor country. I am not Chinese as I don't come from China and I don't read and write Mandarin. Am I Malaysian? But I don't speak Malay and I have no love for this country. Then who am I?

4th, "em sai chin em kin hong" (it is not healthy not to spend money). This is one phrase I learned from one of the tour group, Chloe. Again, that reaffirms something that was age old: money is not the most important thing in the world. Don't let money be the medium that breaks relationship (with family or friends) or keep you from being happy. Don't be like Miser. I'm not asking myself to splurge but you know, don't have to calculate every cent!

4 things: Believe in God, give respect to another fellow human being, humility and be generous. Is it life changing? You bet!


  1. Hey, your turn for credit ---> excellent writing !
    May you be a better, more fun loving person :)


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