Banana-man Part Deux

I just got off the phone from a long teleconference with my peers based in USA. These days I find that I had a lot of difficulty expressing myself in words. Don't get me wrong, I can do it in writing but when it comes to speech, my sentence get all jumbled up. I don't speak with proper grammar nor do I start and end my sentence properly. I sound like a retard. ZipD used to say that I am dsylexic. I am beginning to see it. I could be totally lost for words in a teleconference.

This is unforgivable. I read a lot. English is almost my first language. My English vocabulary far exceeds my Cantonese + Malay vocabulary combined. Yet, my shortcomings these days are distressing. What can I do? Is this a sickness? Am I degrading into a speech-challenged person?


  1. Oh, this is a norm for me. I experienced same scenarios , mine lagi worst..dah lah English not good, most of my meetings are teleconferences --> sometimes kena repeat, sometimes rephrase , just got to be creative to express my messages ... hahaha.

    Ringgit, u chat too much without proper English kut ...:P


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