Thursday, December 02, 2004

And the very next day, you gave it away..

Instead of typing the whole sorry case, here's the conversation I had with Greedy in regards to this case:

- ok.. very long story
ringgit (15:09) - basically it was an stupid non-work related argument
ringgit (15:10) - and she gets emotional
ringgit (15:10) - and burst into tears
greedy (15:16) - then how?
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ringgit (16:10) - hi
ringgit (16:10) - u free to hear story?
greedy (16:13) - ok
ringgit (16:13) - bonnie bought a christmas tree
ringgit (16:14) - decorate it nice nice
ringgit (16:14) - on monday i saw it. i was impressed. i tot she beli out of her pocket
ringgit (16:14) - see see, she claimed from boss.
ringgit (16:14) - so nvm..
greedy (16:15) - so ur boss pre approved it
ringgit (16:15) - today, a lady approached me and asked me if i can pinjam them for a few hours on dec 17 because their team, ABC, wanna do a deepa-raya-christmas function.
ringgit (16:15) - so i said i dunno. i will have to get back to u..
ringgit (16:15) - then i asked bonnie if can pinjam
ringgit (16:15) - she said NO
ringgit (16:16) - (very rudely, mind u)
ringgit (16:16) - so i said why not? team work mah. after all, we dun need to see the tree whole day
ringgit (16:16) - she said I DUNNO ABC. I DUNNO THEM. WHY SHLD I PINJAM?
ringgit (16:16) - then i said, well, it is 's property (i assume she made a claim and boss approved)
ringgit (16:16) - then she said it is not. it belongs to BOSS
ringgit (16:17) - so i said, ok, then i shld ask boss
ringgit (16:17) - then cry
ringgit (16:17) - cry
ringgit (16:17) - cry
ringgit (16:17) - siow
ringgit (16:17) - everybody ask me what's wrong
greedy (16:18) - hnn...
greedy (16:18) - as a woman...i cannot understand why she was upset
greedy (16:18) - according to research, i am very 'man'
ringgit (16:18) - (she preggie)
greedy (16:18) - oh.............
ringgit (16:19) - then she complained to boss
ringgit (16:19) - boss asked me got crisis
ringgit (16:19) - boss came down listen to my story
ringgit (16:19) - listen to witness story
ringgit (16:19) - listen to her story
ringgit (16:19) - then ask us both together
ringgit (16:19) - and ask us to be friends
ringgit (16:19) - she also admit she cannot control her emotion
ringgit (16:19) - but u know what? while i told boss i am ok, i have lost all my respect for her
ringgit (16:20) - coz she dun respect me in the first place.
ringgit (16:20) - (as a team lead)
greedy (16:21) - yeah...
greedy (16:21) - why so childish
greedy (16:21) - complained to boss
greedy (16:21) - i will never do that
ringgit (16:21) - i mean, i hear somewhere that if one wants respect, one has to show respect
ringgit (16:21) - obviously she's not showing respect and i think it is fair if i dun have to respect her
ringgit (16:21) - like u said, so childish
ringgit (16:22) - think this is her company ah?
ringgit (16:22) - kopidiam ah?
greedy (16:23) - hmm...
ringgit (16:24) - suka suka happy make noise
ringgit (16:24) - suka suka show temper when people have teleconf
ringgit (16:24) - suka suka cry
greedy (16:25) - women very mah farn hor...
greedy (16:25) - no wonder ppl want to work withguys
ringgit (16:25) - ha ha.. no.. only she
ringgit (16:25) - coz she really childish
ringgit (16:25) - worse than hello kitty
greedy (16:28) - firgive her
ringgit (16:28) - this is the last straw lor
ringgit (16:28) - i have forgiven her a lot of times liow
ringgit (16:28) - now u cry in office environment over christmas tree


Bahija said...

Aiyuh yuh ...memang beh tahan. Not only childish, she is selfish as well...not willing to let others cherish the nice christmas tree ! she even bought it to STOP anyone taking it ... hmm, a bit 'jit toh' !

mystic_grey said...

hmm.. okay in a sense your bonnie is worse is my bonnie :) At least mine is just plan rude. The crying part is a bit too much esp at work. But then again, preggy woman gets emotional easily..

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