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Anne told me about her girl friend, SC, who was recently attached to a guy who works in a bank. SC told Anne that her boyfriend did not confess his feelings to her. All he did was grab her hand in a movie and since she 'allowed' it, he took it for granted that they are now a couple. However, SC really want to hear him say it. So, while they may be holding hands, she is harbouring a doubt.

This is an interesting blog topic because basically guys have two 'methods' of expressing their intention. The first method is what we called 'action speaks louder than words'. The second method is of course, using words.

The Action-oriented Guys dare not say how they feel. Instead they have lots of tricks up their sleeves (si kiew). They employ tactics such as grabbing the girl's hand during a movie or when crossing a road. If the girl did not pull back, the Action Guy would take it that she meant 'yes, I agree to be your girlfriend'. He would not feel a need to clarify this later and would take it that they are a couple from now onwards.

The Words Guys, on the other hand, will tell the girl how he feels and then asks if they should move ahead as a couple. Some will outright say how he feel while other will use a different variant such as saying things like 'Can I hold your hand?'

So which type are you?

For the ladies, which type is/was your boyfriend/husband/ex when they 'confessed' their love to you?

Naturally, I'm the Words-Guy :P


  1. I think this is individual punya preferences kuah. I prefer wordy guy - I'm way too old for guessing games, no more thrill liow lah...hmm hmm. my previous 2 ex-s were wordy guys, nice sweet to hear and re-confirm on what I feel mah. However, sad to say - both of them were not wordy when relationship turned sour as they changed hearts - which dissappointed me loh, I would highly respect them if they were wordy and told me the truth, haha !


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