Medical Leave

As a team lead, I am always the first person my team contact whenever they could not report for work due to being sick or given the day off by the doctor. I work with a team of 12 people. Normally I would get a SMS or a phone call by the person who could not make it to work.

These days, whenever I hear the standard Nokia sms tone, I'd start guessing who's the person who could not make it. Most of the time I was right. There seemed to be a disturbing trend, especially among the Malays, to call in sick. In my team, we have 2 Malays. The number of medical leave these 2 took over the past 6 months is twice as much as the combined medical leaves of the 10 non-Malays. I am not being racist or anything. The facts speak for itself. I am sure most Malaysian will understand the context I am coming from.

Today, the Malay man told me he had a bad cough and was taking cough medicine so that was why he could not make it. How lame is that?

In retrospect, some of my kwai lo colleagues have the weirdest ailment too. Some took the day off because their dogs puked all over the floor. Others have dentist appointments. Yet others are taking the day off because the plumbing failed. I don't know about you but when I go see the dentist, I do it on the weekends. When I have plumbing problems, I fixed it myself or if the plumber have to come, I'll arrange for him to come on a Saturday.

But see, the kwai lo-s.. while they are "lazy", are efficient when they do come to the office to work. They are focus and they produce results. I can't say much about my two "medically" ill colleagues.

Sometimes, it is no wonder why Malaysia is so slow in our progress when compared to the other countries Down South and Down Under. Can we achieve developed country status by 2020? Looking at the number of medical certificates on my table, I can bet you my ass that we will never reach there because most of the people would have died due to common flu. Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa.. Good luck Malaysia.


  1. Dude, what u said - matched my working environment here. My mat salleh kakis work from home a lot sebab contractor in the hse, dentists, doctors, babysitting etc etc - yet still can deliver on time. And And - i also tag along and enjoy this privilleges - on the basis that it is an emergency avenue. It gives flexibility yet it also creates 'abusive opportunities' .... the reason why my company never ever implement this policy back home is that - i guess Asian tends to abuse privilleges kuah - too bad ....different culure. Not racist, but most of the time, the statistics are pointing to them :)

    Hmm hmm, after taking cough medicine - sudah sleepy kut - thus dangerous to drive to work.....hehe

  2. Not everyone hardworking like you. We have to see and respect the difference. They may view you 'lazy' or 'cheating company time' because you take so much time to blog and surf.


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