Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Grab the first mutant you see...

I chatted with Droolman today. I didn't know that he's a silent reader of my blog. Seems like I do have some other fans.. hey.. to all those fans who are shy, please say something in the comment so I know who you are :P

We talked about an interesting topic. I asked his permission to c&p our chat into my blog. I will post that later. I reminded him that I c&p one of our converstaions verbatim last year. Did he read that? He said no. I gave him the link. We both read the old blog together.

It seemed that he gave me an ultimatium last year.. that if I don't find a gf by my next birthday, I should just grab the first mutant I see. Somehow things fall into place and I do find one and she's no mutant. So, PHEWWW! But it is good to read back on our old conversations. Good times!

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