Tai Lo

I met up with Pata and Tai Lo a few days ago. Tai Lo came back from his assignment in USA. He missed his wife and son so much he decided not to continue with the assignment and instead looked into opportunity to start his own business in Malaysia. He's not one who likes to "tar kung" (be an employee) anyway so I guess it was quite easy for him to make the decision. 'sides, he's LOADED, so money is not a problem.

I told Tai Lo and Pata about Anne. They were very happy for me. Tai Lo made a profound statement. He said, so now that you are at a different level (stage, "keng kai"), do you find that life is richer and worth living? Pata's wife is two or three months pregnant and Tai Lo said he's moving onto a fatherhood stage. He said different stage is very different and not boring (sien).

I was speechless. I never expected a wise statement from someone like Tai Lo. He's always the blur type so this is really something unexpected and because of that, the statement hold water. Hmm.. profound.


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