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Blogger has a new button to easily upload image on the Compose window. We don't need the program Hello anymore. It is as simple as creating a link. Take a look at the quick tutorial here.

This will make picture blogging more fun! With just one click I can even determine if the image should appear on the left, right or center. For the purpose of this test, I uploaded this image to the right of my text. Notice how my text are appearing on the left of this image, much like how one would lay it out in a newspaper.

This image was taken using a webcam back in 1999. The teddy bear belonged to an ex colleague, Joey. His trainee gave him the doll when her assignment with the company ended. This doll, I don't remember her name, was an instant hit among the ladies. They would all come to Joey's workstation to marvel at her, gushing incomprehensible, adoring words and drooling all over her. I sometimes wonder if they were really drooling at the doll or at Joey. She was a hit among the guys too. We would peek underneath the dress (OF the doll, not the ladies.. hehehe) . Sadly, there's nothing to see.. LOLZ :D


  1. My first reaction...That is Anne!!!!

    I remember that was what you used to call her. When you mentioned Anne in your Blog, I already knew who you were referring to, your missing bone.

    I cannot believe that you are having Anne. Can I adopt her?

  2. Anne!! That's right!! Joey asked me for a name for the doll and I suggested Anne! I have almost forgotten about it. Ha ha ha...

    I don't have the doll, rotitelur. It was still with Joey. I wonder what happened to her.

  3. Why dun you ask Joey? I have not heard about him for long. Did he know you found Anne? I meant the real life Anne.

  4. Wah, life is just so amazing, isn't it u guys already talked bout Anne years ago....hahaha


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