Blogging at KLCC

Blogging at KLCC. Anne is working today to finish up some report. I am also supposed to finish my certification package which is due on June 15th. My boss has been chasing me to death for these documentations. As a technical person, I hate documentation.

Anyway, so I decided to bring my notebook, sat in Starbucks KLCC to complete the damn thing. Knowing me, I was distracted. I have Internet access in KLCC. And it only cost RM5 per day! It's so simple. All I have to do is send a SMS to Maxis and they will reply me via SMS with a userid and password. With this userid/password, I could connect wirelessly through Maxis for the WHOLE day! Yup, the service end at 12am on the same day. It is FAST coz it is now a paid service (compared to a free service like in 1 Utama). It's cheaper than any cybercafe. Good old Maxis.

Boy, was I surprised when I logged into my gmail. I have so many comments on my blog from my friends! And rotitelur updated her blog after 4 months. I wish she could blog more so we know what is happening to her life too.

The picture above was taken a few months ago. The iPod belong to anti-ringgit. We wanted to take an iPod with KLCC as the background to be posted in's iPod Around The World gallery. Posted by Hello

Update: a kwai lo came over and asked if I am accessing the Internet? I said yes. He used his finger and did circle in the air saying, are you doing it wirelessly. I looked at him and I said yes it is on wireless (in my heart, I am thinking, do you see any wires? :P). He asked if it's free and I said well, some shopping complexes are free (like 1 Utama) but in KLCC it cost $5 per day. He asked if it's USD$5? I said no, RM5 for the whole day. He was blown AWAY. So cheapppppp? Then he thanked me and walked in daze. I bet he's kicking himself for not bringing his iBook over. LOL.


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