Alpha and Synchronicities

Sometimes synchronicity scares the shit out of me. Bahija talked about her personal experience here.

This evening, I attended Alpha course to gain some "heart knowledge". Today was the Introductory session. I bathed and was ready to leave the house when mom told me I have a card. I looked at the card - familiar handwriting, USA postage, 80 cents ... connected the dots and voila, it was from bahija! Came one day early! What timing. Thank you bahija. So, your smallest credit card charges ever was to buy stamps for this? Wow... :D

That was one synchronicity.

I reached the church and the priest was asked to give an introduction. Father Simon looked like Habibi with retro hairstyle and 100 pounds more. It's uncanny. It's unbelievable. This is the other synchronicity.

Sometimes, I am just so humbled.

Probably bahija is the only person who understands today's post.


  1. Eh, I want to see pastor Habibi....this is also a sync to me, that I need to contact dear Habibi liow :) - great timing yeah - only that i wish the card arrived on the actual day, nvm lah. I'm glad u r attending this 'heart-knowledge' with pastor Habibi loh - one who inspired us mah. But then, u tak payah lah hard sell my blogs :P. For the past weeks, no matter how busy I was, i made it to church ( 8am, 10am, 11:30 or 6pm ), Bahija somehow enjoy attending church - singing songs, prayers for Father Lord - listening to sermons ---> a great experience for myself and my soul. My latest personal experience - i dun feel like blogging it and broadcast out loud - while i was adjusting to tithing - amazing blessing pour onto me (I think)- I mean I wasn't expecting anything in return when I tithe, but the changes within me (my thinking, my mentality, my value on $$$, and things that I can see & touch now --- are indeed a wonderful magnificent treasures loh. Still far away to learn, no one is perfect - but life is worth living - even though I remain single :)


  2. Its your Birthday? Happy birthday...
    Fr.Simon is a cool guy.
    I grew up seeing him sing in OLL klang church Choir. And years later he is a priest.
    Since very tho'


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