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Anne's Birthday

I wrote this blog a few days ago after Anne's birthday but I hesitated to publish it. I guess I'm afraid that my friends will get all "cold" and "geli" - that's the type of feeling one gets when they hear some lovey-dovey story. Some will even puke. You know who you are :D

I received numerous requests (well, if you considered 2 as numerous) from mystic and kimmikanuyi to reveal what I did for her birthday. Again, I hesitated but after hearing feedback from people that it's not laughing material but that it was a sweet of me to do what I did, I decided to post it today.

Can't wait to hear your comment. LOL!

******* start *******

I am not working today. I took Monday as the replacement leave for Agong's (the King) birthday. You see, whenever a holiday falls on a Saturday, I have a choice of taking a replacement holiday either on the preceding Friday or the upcoming Monday.

Today is also Anne's birthday. She could not take the day off because she has the books to close. The due date is tomorrow and she absolutely have to finish the report by today. It sucks, I know, but what to do. Anyway, I'll be celebrating with her later in the evening.

I spent the whole morning watching Friends Season 9 DVD which I bought a month ago from but never had a chance to see it. Friends is still as hilarious as ever. I laughed until my eyes watered. I will miss these guys.

During lunch, an idea popped into my head. I would like to give Anne the card with just a stalk of a really nice and big red rose. But then, would one rose be too cheap? Should I get her a bouquet? I have done that before and getting another bouquet may not be so original anymore. So, what else can I do? Then something struck me. It's brilliant!! I spent the remaining mid morning/ afternoon in Kepong shopping for:

1. 20 beautiful roses from a florist in Kepong Desa Kompleks.
2. Six pieces of mahjong papers.
3. Birthday card and gift (well.. I bought these a week ago.. hehehe..)

Here is a picture of the roses. Aren't they beautiful?

So, after driving around and sweating in the hot afternoon sun, I reached home and started trimming the roses. I need some of the "batang" so I have to cut them. Here's the result of my work. Notice the mahjong paper and the birthday card.

Then I started work. I spread the mahjong paper on the floor. I pluck the leaves off the roses and started to arrange them on the paper. The idea here is to make some really lovey, dovey words from the roses. After all, she made me this. Here's the result... the picture below is taken on the floor of my study:

Do you feel puke-ish yet? Hang on there. You'll definitely puke later.

When the time come to pick her up, I put my work in my car boot. Somehow I have to think of some way to get her to open up the car boot. Here's the result of my beautiful artwork in the car boot. Did you notice the present and the nice purple candle on top of it? The idea is that since we would be stuffed after dinner, why not use the gift as a "cake" and let her blow the candle after I sing the "Happy Birthday" song to her. Am I a romantic or what?

Needless to say, she was totally BLOWN away!!!!

Cost of roses = RM30
Cost of mahjong paper = RM1.80
The look on her face when she opened the boot = PRICELESS!!!! :D

She kept starring at the car boot for like, a good 15 minutes. I can guarantee you that this was the best birthday she ever had.

Now, how do I top myself next year? Suggestion please......

******* end *******


  1. Very well planned. You can start planning for your proposal now and do it in her next Birthday.

  2. What kind of species R U? This day and age still people can do this! Oh my Tuhan, Oh my 'San' (cantonese)!

    I have not seen Ringgit sooooo 'TAI FONG'! Spent sooo much money! :P

  3. Aiyuh yuh ...come this June or July - i guess I shld have known u for 9 yrs :). Always tot u r a reserved private person (as u already mentioned in 'ashamed of my friends') ...anyway, I never expect u would shared this detail sweet stories ....I'm glad u shared though. I said Great Job! (see, u r not old yet, still very artistic lah - next buat lah card sendiri)...i agree with Miew, to make things simple, not to raise the bar thingy, just think on how to propose lah - SIAP ...nak idea -i have ...kakakaka

    Eh, seem like AR jealous lah :P

  4. Couldn't done it any better myself. You're the man!

  5. bahija, you are right. I wrote this for some time already. I have thought for a quite a while before deciding to press the "Publish" button. On one hand, I have my reservations and I have my reputation to preserve... this "event" is kinda embarassing and so un-ringgit-like and I bet Anne didn't expect this too :P :P

    On the other hand, people are saying I should be more open. So I thought, what the heck la.. that's what a blog is for, anyway (and not many people know about this blog). A blog is to show the other side of you.

    Besides, I am old enough to take in all the jokes and poking from my friends. Oh well. Can't remove this topic liow. LOL.


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