Teary Eyed

Today is the last day of work for a fellow colleague. She's quitting the company to start a new life in America. It was a teary occassion. She couldn't stop crying. Makes me think - you know, she's only 2 years in this company and she's already teary eyed? What about old fuck like me? Will I be teary eyed? Why are people crying like their mother died when leaving a company? Is it the because they missed the people they work with? Or is it the company? I would like to think that they missed the people and I should feel good that my team member miss the team here. Which means that we must have done something right to garner such honour.


  1. Dude, I had this 'teary eyed' experience or I shall said 'honor' to cry during my farewell given by my own department. Had many many lunches /dinners with various groups - each groups gave me different taste. Well, for me, it was a fraction of my precious life leh. Back then, I didn't clock in 9 - 5 aje, sometimes weekend and odd hours, all this add up for 6 years = quite a big part of my life. It's sentimental, many ups and downs, good and bad moments, hate & love situations - they were all learning curves - been thru, walked thru, tasted, I was mould into where I am today (to a certain extent), met many wonderful people along the way - all remain as sweet memories forever in my mind and photos :)

    Just today, when I walked into your new office, the similar office look, met the ex-colleagues - already nostalgia.....Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah


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