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Double Journey...

There are two things that are happening in parallel in my life today.

The first one is something I have mentioned a few times in my blog. I am seeking God. I am also seeking a religion to fulfill my spiritual need. I believe that every one of us have certain "life sustaining" needs to fulfill and one of them, believe it or not, is spiritual need. I've been thinking about this for a long, long time and the trip to Egypt had strengthened this belief. I think kimmikanuyi knows what I am talking about, in reference to Egypt. The fact that we were in a region and country where Christianity and Islam started; the fact that the whole country and region built monuments in worship and praise of God, is something that had to be felt by being there. Even the Ancient Egyptians worship one sort of god or another, a proof that spiritual fulfillment is essential to one's life. This feeling is particularly strong in Cairo and especially during Ramahdan where one can see people reading the scriptures at any time of the day in worship. No words can easily describe the feeling. Perhaps Miss Peace or Anti Ringgit felt it to. Perhaps not, since they have never discussed about this before.

The second thing that is happening to my life, in parallel to the above, is that I have finally found Anne and that we have been dating for almost a month. It's funny how we met and the story itself will be a topic for another blog. I'm quite sure it is fated and that it is also His will for I have prayed for her and before I know it, there she is, in person, and she turned out to be a good match for me, so much so that I think I have finally found my rib! (I hope). Speed dial #2 is now occupied :) Now, all is not rosy of course because my lady friend here is a staunch believer of Japanese Buddhism and I was just saying that I am seeking God. Perhaps another test? We have talked about this, of course, and we are both ok. Here's hoping that there will not be any issue at all in this area. Sigh. I'm a pessimist and history has proven that such thing is a stumbling block in my relationship. But the optimist and hopeful in me is keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers.

Wish me all the best in both my Life Journeys :)


  1. Dude, u definitely have my wishes & prayers :)

    There is a doctor in my alpha group - she said man betul2 less 1 rib (used for us - the woman liow).

  2. hey all the best, man.... raise it up to the Lord, he will guide you.


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