Aching Bones

* I told myself that I should have a big heart and be helpful to my friends. After all, if your friend asked you for help, that means she/he thought highly of you - that you have value to her/him. If you are a nobody, your friend would not have asked for help.

And while I do pray for the strength not to complain and bitch about it, I am also human. So allow me to bitch in my blog, ok?

And Monica, if you are reading this, I'm just bitching. You know me.. I complain a lot but underneath it, I am still pure and sincere... :D

(I just need a topic to blog else my faithful readers will start bugging me)

**** start ****
Yesterday, I helped Monica and her family move house. She stays in Taman Rampai and move to Saujana Damansara, almost 40 minutes drive apart. She wanted to move last year. She asked her friends for help. I said no because I . I told her that maybe she should employe some helper to help her move. They are not expensive and they are professionals AND strong. Why asked an old man like me who may get injured or break my bones? I bet it went to deaf ears.

She didn't move. My first thought was" OH NO! I can't say no if she asked the second time!" So, I started pressing her for a date... so I can plan to escape the country. Ha.. but she's smart. She told me she's going Bali last week for holidays. No one is crazy enough to move right after the holidays, right? Well, no one except Monica. She's nuts!!!! She move the day she came back from Bali. I was caught. There's no way I could escape this. So I have no choice but to start pumping irons the night before. I said I hope you don't have very heavy stuff and she said no. Asked me to be there at 9am.

The truck, driven by Monica's future father in law, came around 10.30am and we started to move things. Who's the helper? Me, Michael (her fiance), Michael's brother and father. What did we move? Oh very light things like 2 beds, 2 wardrobes, frigde, washing machine, huge plants, dressing table, dining table, sofas, 2 TVs, lots of boxes of who knows what, a dead and smelly fish, bags of clothes, old PC and monitor, etc. What turned out to be a one truck trip became 3 trips. Total time spent? 7 hours.

To give you a gauge, when I moved last year, we took ONE hour.

Monica said during the move.. "I think this is the hardest work ringgit has done in his life."

You got that right babe!

And where's my expensive dinner???


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