I have always known that there is a negative correlation between religion and my relationship with potential ladies. The first two girls that I pursued said no because I am not of the same faith. So my question is, is it *really* religion or is that just an excuse or a polite way to say no? Does religion really matters in a relationship? Are people *that* staunch and narrow minded as not to be open to accepting a person of a differing faith (or no faith)? Loochoomus is not a Christian but his wife is. So what does that say? To my blog readers who are of Christian faith (or any other faith, eg Buddhism, Muslim, etc) , please give your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks :)

One of my principles in life is that I will not convert to a particular faith because of a girl. I mean, it is doing it for all the wrong reasons and I will never be able to bring myself to stoop so low. What is the use of saying that you will accept her religion but deep in your heart you know you are doing it because you want to woo her? It's so fake and insincere. Matters of faith are important to me and I do not fool around with it.

Since we are in this topic, I will tell you something I learned from Egypt. From my conversation with Mido, it seemed that things were different in Egypt than in Malaysia. There, a Muslim man could marry a Christian woman (or any other religion) without the woman converting to Islam. The only condition is that their children had to follow the father's faith. This is new to me because in Malaysia, the only way a Muslim man can marry non-Muslim is if the woman convert to Islam.

However, the same is not true for a woman in Egypt. A Muslim woman must marry a Muslim man. Chauvinistic? Very much... ha ha ha. Miloflamingo talked about it here and here.


  1. Glad that u hold strong to your principle & know the diff between relationship with God and with human. Question of diff religion for a couple is very personal and individual loh. Some really cannot accept it...many factors lah, I may get into this dilemma, dare not comment out loud now :P

  2. Well usually we don't use the word staunch for christians. Anyways.. my mom's whole family is catholic right down to the roots as in my moyang also. But she married my dad is not a christian what more a free thinker. I guess its how a person view it. i feel its still okay but of course its always best to marry one who is from the same faith. The thing here , there are some christians sects that are very particular about this. But you will be surprise that as a Catholic, I go pay respects to my grandparents grave every year during cheng beng. When other christians from other demonination hears this they are very surprise and say that its against our religion. But a Father once said, its not wrong. Imagine if you're the only child in the family and you have chosen to be christian. Do you just abandon the very people who have brought u up. no right. anyways its in the bible to honour your parents. So i guess in a sense, if you marry a person of the same faith, you won't have so many clashes in life with regards to the area of spirituality. I have met many many people who marry people of different faiths. My late sis-in-law, my brother in law... but they later converted when they are ready.... Wow a long comment aye...

  3. This is a long one - I wanted to express this for long long time...right timing, right spot. Whatever Mystic_grey mentioned, I've been thru it once liow. As a young christian, I was told to marry someone of same faith only. This news came to me on the 2nd week after I accepted Christ. Gee, I was so dissappointed, scared. Ringgit, finding just a normal man already a big challenge for me, now tambah 'same faith'. Back then I also had a strong disagreement, bad feeling....also felt geram. Mentor has valid reasons as pointed out by Mystic-grey. As I walk thru the path, the reasons make sense to me (but it is absolutely individual's choice and hopefully God's will as well). My prayer is that if God decides I should upgrade my 'life roles', then hopefully he is the same faith as mine :) - guess I truly want to live 'our lives' and raise my family the christian ways. (then u see, not all christians are really 'christ-ian' or qualify as God's son leh, life betul2 full of challenges). Then the Qing Ming thingy - some christians believed they shouldn't go to the cementary - there was a mini debat in the cell group - many sharings which were against it. Geee, again, I kept quiet, not to say they are right or wrong. I reckon they have their valid reasons as well. But as Mystic-grey mentioned, I can't possibly ignore my beloved daddy. My prayer with Father Lord is that - I'm learning to reposition Him on top of the pyramid, paying respect to my daddy is to fulfil one of my commandment - honor my parent, and this is definitely not worshiping an idol - for the last Qing Ming, I purposely QT carefully with Father Lord, to clarify my points, my intention, my thoughts. HAHA. I'm so joyful with the blessings coming into my life now (u know, walking thru this spiritual path doesn't come easy for me (or to most people - i think), but I definitely Praise the Lord for finding me, opended my heart ....I respect Habibi so far, because what he said or did - makes sense, with a sound-good reason. I'm hoping I can adopt this....or rather interpret things the right way :)

    wow, 10Q, habis..... :P

  4. I believe what Habibi said is true. Some of those teachings in the Book (especially Old Testament) are for people at that period (who were probably not as evolved as we are now) AND for that particular period of time. At that time, the people worship idols and it is bad. That's why the Word is to not believe in idols. In Qing Ming, it is not worshipping idol but respecting the passing of a parent. We sometimes have to adopt our mind to the modern times and I am sure He will understand.

    Be like Habibi - think. Don't be like some extremist who are totally by the book, so to speak.


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