Holy Rosary Church

This morning I did something out of the blue - I went to a church. I woke up around 7 and decided to visit Alpinesis' Catholic church in Jalan Brickfields. I was taken aback by the church. I don't think there are many churches in Malaysia that has stained glass. This one does and it was breathtaking. The sermon wasn't as good because the priest was too soft and I couldn't catch a word he said. I like the worship, the readings and the singing though.

It's also interesting to see how Catholics worship God. I think this is also the first Catholic church that I have ever attended on a Sunday (I mean, SFX is the first but that's because it was on a special occassion, eg Easter mass). Hmm...

(This is also the morning where we heard that the Pope, John Paul II, has passed away). Perhaps I feel compelled to go to a Catholic church to pay my respect, I don't know...


  1. Wei, be fair :P. Visit Bahija's Full Gospel Tabernacle church, pleassseeeeee .....10 am. :)

  2. Holy Rosary church was renovated about 1+years ago. So some of the stain glass is new. If you noticed at the side of the church, those stain glass are the stations of the cross.... :)

    Go for RCIA lah.... give it a shot to learn more about the faith, you dont' need to decide then and then whether you want to be baptised but its a starting point.. in learning the faith.


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